Yard Waste

Yard waste is considered grass clippings, dead flowers, weeds, brush and tree limbs. Rocks, sod, earth, garden vegetables, fruit, straw, and hay are not considered yard waste.

Yard waste collection begins the first full week in April through December 4th it is on the same day as your garbage and recycling pick up. From December through March you may drop off your yard waste at the Public Works Department at 1605 Avenue L, Sterling. Please call (815) 632-6657 for instructions.

Put your grass clippings and leaves in paper yard waste bags and set out to the alley or curb (same place as your garbage or recycling). There is a 50lb weight limit on each bag. You may also use a 35 gallon can with handles for grass clippings, leaves, and small limbs. A 50lb weight limit also applies to the cans. 

For hard yard waste, such as large limbs, tree stumps, and bushes, you must put them in bundles of lengths of 4 feet or less, and 4 inches or less in diameter. Tie each bundle with twine and set out with your garbage and recycling. The 50 lb weight limit applies to this also. Bushes and shrubs must be bundled, if possible, and sat out with garbage and recycling.