Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit

Temporary Outdoor Seating Permits

To help restaurants and taverns reopen in line with the State rules, the City Council approved an ordinance which temporarily expands the ability to use outdoor spaces, including public spaces, for restaurant and tavern seating. Businesses may apply to use sidewalks, parking spaces (private, public and even on-street), alleys and public and private green spaces.

The City wants to accommodate restaurants and taverns without burdening neighboring business or residential neighborhoods, so the City has developed a permit application for establishments.  The application requires applicants to submit a plan for the use of the property so the City can try and strike the best balance possible between opening opportunities and not creating burdens for neighbors.

There are a few notable restrictions.  Businesses and the City must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In many cases, our sidewalks are too narrow to allow for much, if any seating and still allow the minimum space for ADA compliant pathways.  If there is enough room to meet ADA requirements, businesses may apply to use them for temporary seating areas.

The City cannot grant permission to use State property.  Our downtown is heavily comprised of State routes. In the downtown, all or parts of Locust, 1st Avenue, 3rd Street, 4th Street and 5th Street are all State routes. 

For the full requirements, please review the: