Sister City

Sterling's Sister City

Location of Santa Catarina
Location of Santa Catarina

On April 26, 1990, Sterling officially became a sister city with Canoinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The Sister Cities International program is designed to foster social, cultural and economic interchange between two communities.

Officially formed in 1911, Canoinhas has grown to 54,964 citizens. Set in the Northern Plateau region of Santa Catarina. The land there is rich with native forest and reforested areas as well. The Canoinhas economy depends largely on natural resources (paper, cardboard & wood products), agriculture, and the textile industry. The United States is the largest importer of their products.

Canoinhas is also home to a University of Contested extension campus. Students there can study a broad range of topics including, forestry, business administration, computer science, optometry, psychology, and veterinary medicine amongst other courses.

The State of Santa Catarina, where Canoinhas is located, is one of the southernmost Brazilian States. To the east, the State borders the Atlantic Ocean along white sand beaches, while to the west, Argentina borders the State. Much of the State is covered by woodland, sub-tropical, and tropical forests, which extend across the Rio do Rastro Mountains and into the Itajai Valley. However, agriculture also plays a large role in the rolling hills and flatlands of the Midwest and West. The most popular agricultural products are apples, potatoes, garlic and onion.

To learn more about Santa Catarina, visit the official State web site.