Virtual Council Meetings

The April 20th Council Meeting will be conducted virtually. You can participate via the zoom app on your phone, tablet or p.c. using the free Zoom app. You will need to download it before the meeting to join in time.

Once downloaded, you can join the meeting through this link.

If you need to speak on an item on the Agenda, you can click the "Raise Hand" button to be recognized by the host.

Due to the social distancing requirements, there is very limited ability to come to City Hall. Most board members and staff will be participating remotely. Anyone that wants to participate or view the meeting needs to do it remotely as well. In-person is only for people who have no means to join online. As such, if you're reading this on our web site, you should be able to attend the meeting online through the same device you are using to access this site. Thank you for understanding!