Information Technology

The information technology staff the City of Sterling consists of I.T. Technician Dennis Fellows and I.T. Manager Kory Froeter.

IT staff currently maintain and administer a Wide Area Computer Network that consists of five Local Area Networks.  The Local Area Networks are located at the coliseum building, the main fire department and the sub-station, the waste water treatment plant, and the public works facility.  Currently there are approximately 70 computer workstations on the Windows Domain Network, five hardware file servers, and seven virtual servers. Additionally IT staff maintain 6 firewalls, and numerous routers, switches and other hardware that make up the networks. The system is currently used by approx. 105 City employees.

The City of Sterling Wide Area Network provides access for City Employees to the Public Internet and private networks including the Whiteside County Emergency Telephone Services Board (911 system) that links Law Enforcement Agencies in Whiteside County, the State of Illinois Law Enforcement Agency Data Services, and various other State and Federal Networks.

Many Police squads, Fire, Public Works and Code Enforcement vehicles are also equipped with mobile computers that use cellular communication technology that links them with City, State, and Federal agencies from a mobile environment. There are currently fourteen of these mobile computers in service.

The IT staff provides the following services to City Departments and employees:

  • The IT staff operates and maintains the city’s V.O.I.P. telephone and voice mail messaging system that services all city offices at all five LAN locations, currently consisting of approximately 92 extensions
  • WiFi LAN for Coliseum Building that includes a secure private network and a public guest network
  • Internet Web Hosting for an employee Intranet site
  • Exchange e-mail service to include an Outlook Web Application e-mail system.  Currently the system is supporting approx 140 City e-mail boxes
  • Primary and Secondary internal DNS servers
  • Network file sharing and printing
  • Network internet content filtering
  • Network anti-virus protection
  • Network Spam blocking
  • Network firewall & security services
  • Network cable installation and testing
  • Computer workstation repair and service
  • Mobile computer installation, service, and support
  • Software and operating system support
  • Digital imaging and archiving support
  • Remote VPN services and access
  • Information technology consulting & research


The IT staff also assists in the maintenance of the following Department specific systems and interfaces:

Fire Services

Geographic Technologies Group - LG Mobil
Geographic Technologies Group - LG Dispatch
Sungard Public Sector Fires - Fire records management system

Financial Services

New World Systems Logos Financial Management
New World Systems Logos Human Resources

Community Services


Law Enforcement

Sungard Public Sector CRIMES
Sungard Public Sector CAD400
Sungard Public Sector Mobile Data Browser
Sungard Public Sector I.S.I.S.
Geographic Technologies Group
Geographic Technologies Group
Sungard Public Sector
State of Illinois MCR
Chicago PD C.L.E.A.R.
Illinois Wireless Information Network
State of Illinois Law Enforcement Agency Data Systems
Nelson Systems