Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention Tips
10 Ways to Prevent Auto Theft Child Safety
Calling 911 Commercial Robbery Prevention
Gang Awareness Domestic Violence
Drug Awareness Parent Guide Drug Awareness Youth Guide
Internet Safety for Kids Landlord and Tenant Rights (English)
Pedestrian Safety Landlord and Tenant Rights (Spanish)
Personal Safety  Personal Security Circular
Residential Burglary Prevention Vehicle Prowl Prevention
Workplace Violence Commercial Burglary Prevention


Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities
Electronic Stores Hobby Shops
Home Improvement & Retail Stores Hotels Motels
Martial Arts & Paintball Activities Mass Transportation
Rental Cars Rental Trucks
Storage Facilities Wholesale Distributors Beauty Drug Supply

Each indicator listed, is by itself, lawful conduct or behavior and may also constitute the exercise or rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. In addition, there may be wholly innocent explanations for conduct or behavior that appears suspicious in nature. For this reason, no single indicator should be the sole basis for law enforcement action. The totality of behavioral indicators and other relevant circumstances should be evaluated when considering any law enforcement response or action.