Cable 11

Purpose: Channel 11 is a Government Access Channel that provides government and educational institutions a medium to broadcast to the public.

Programming: Programs and information for broadcast must serve a government or education interest, and must be submitted by a government or educational entity.

Programming may include educational programming, government information, school activities, public meetings and hearings.

Channel 11 is not a public access channel. Commercial advertisements or private programming cannot be aired on Channel 11. No political or religious programming is permitted, though under specific circumstances, neutral candidate forums may be broadcast.

For further information on the policy or the channel, please email Scott Shumard. If you're a member of a government or school entity and you have a bona fide public interest announcement, send a PowerPoint slide to  All slides should include your school or government entities logo, use colors that won't "bleed" on television, and use size 20 font for readability. The technicians at Channel 11 can help you develop a template before you submit a slide, and would actually prefer working with you on the design and layout before submitting slides.

Slide Guidelines:
Block font looks best on TV
24 point font is the smallest allowed
Keep the text to a minimum (slides should be able to be read in 10 seconds or less)
Graphics may be added to the slide(s)
No slide transitions or animations allowed 
Events are not usually posted more than 3-4 weeks in advance

Qualifying Organizations:
City of Sterling (Police, Fire,...)
Townships (Sterling, Hopkins,...)
Whiteside County (Health Department)
Sterling Municipal Band
Sterling Park District
Sterling Public Library
CGHMC/Sterling-Rock Falls Clinic
Sterling Public Schools (and other groups that have Intergovernmental Agreements w/ SPS)
Newman Central Catholic HS
St. Mary's
St. Andrew Catholic Grade School
Christ Lutheran School
Bi-County Special Education Cooperative
Military (1644th Trans Co,...)
Social Security Administration