Hospital Board

Boards & Commissions


Carolyn Spencer
Dr. Marcia Jones
Nancy Rasmussen
Dr. Thomas McGlone
Dr. Shawn Hanlon
Scott Wolber
Andrew Moore
Heather Sotelo
John Van Osdol
Dr. Jeff LeMay
John Benson

The Hospital Board shall consist of 11 members, who shall be appointed as provided by law.  The Hospital Board shall have supervision over the C.G.H. Medical Center, the public hospital in and for the City, and shall function as provided by law.  The board of directors of C.G.H. Medical Center, appointed under this division, shall make and adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for the guidance of the board of directors and the governance of the hospital consistent with the laws of the state and the ordinances of the City. The City Council shall review all bylaws, and amendments or changes thereto, prior to the effective date thereof, and shall have the right at any time to annul, modify or amend any such bylaws. The City Council may from time to time pass such additional ordinances relating to the C.G.H. Medical Center as the council deems necessary or expedient, and the members of the board of directors of the hospital shall be subject to such ordinances at all times.

The Hospital Board holds meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at 7pm.